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Computer Analysis Chapter 9

Database Management System (DBMS)
Users create a computerized database; add, modify, and delete data in the database; sort and retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports from data in the database.(Page 352)
Multidimensional Database
Stores data in dimensions, this allows users to access and analyze any view of the database data. (page 370)
Data Warehouse
A huge database that stores and manages the data required to analyze historical and current transactions. (Page 370)
What a record is referred to in a relational database. (Page 368)
Relational database
A database that stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns. each row has a primary key and each column has a unique name. (Page 368)
Object-Oriented Database
Stores data in objects. An object is an item that contains data, as well as the actions that read or process the data. (Page 369)
Data Validity checks
Copares data with a set of rules and value to find out if the data is correct.
QBE (Query by Example)
Provides a GUI to assist users with retrieving data