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25 terms

CSC 105 ch 12

Physical view
Which view of data deals with how the data is actually formatted and located?
A data field represents a(n)
Collectively, a person's name, address, and age would be called a
key field
A _____ in different tables can be used to integrate the data in a database.
batch processing
A credit card bill that is processed at one shot - say the end of the month - is an example of
data redundancy.
Having several instances of the same data is called
lack of data integrity.
If Mr. Smith's bike has been sent to his new address, but the bill to his old one, it can most likely be attributed to a
The data manipulation subsystem can use query-by-example as well as
data definition subsystem.
The feature of describing the entry field in a data dictionary form as 'text' is characteristic of
This type of database is organized into many tables with common data items (key fields) linking the tables to one another.
_____ databases store not only data but also instructions to manipulate the data.
shared database
A common operational database is a type of
distributed database
If all the data in a database is not physically located in one place, it would be a(n)
data warehouse.
Information collected by an organization from a variety of external and internal databases is stored in special type of database called a
The logical view of data focuses on meanings and content of the data.
A record is a collection of related tables.
Database tables can be related or connected to other tables by common key fields.
The ATM works on the principle of real-time processing
application generation subsystem
The DBA can create user forms and menus using the
Hierarchical model
A nationwide airline reservation system is an example of this type of database model.
A network database can utilize ____, special connections between nodes that allow multiple connections between records.
In the object-oriented database model, this term is the equivalent to a field in a relational model
This commercial database offers news and information on legal, public records, and business issues.
Data redundancy results due to lack of data integrity.
The company database may be stored on a mainframe and managed by a database administrator.