66 terms

2150 quiz 1

number of pregnancies
number of deliveries after 24 weeks gestation (viable)
loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks (age of viablility)
preterm delivery
delivery after 24 weeks but before 38 weeks
term delivery
delivery between 38-42 weeks
posterm delivery
delivery after 42 weeks
every 4 weeks
office visits during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
every 2 weeks
office visits during weeks 29-36
every week
office visits after 36 weeks until delivery
normal pregnancy weight gain
25-35 lbs
weight gain for 1st trimester
3-4 lbs.
never pregnant
never delivered an infant after 24 wks
Gravida, Para/term,preterm, abortion, live birth
Naegele's Rule
1st day of LMP, -3mos,+7days = EDB
most favorable shaped pelvis for vaginal delivery.
diagnostic for syphilis
Rh factor
diagnostic for Rh negative blood in pregnancy
Complete blood count/Hemoglobin levels
what we look for in urinalysis
absent protein and glucose
Gonorrhea and Clamida
Dx Vaginal smear
Pap smear
DX for HPV
Glucose screening
done at 28 weeks
HPL (human placental lactogen)
a hormone, produced by the placenta. It is an insulin antagonist thereby decreasing the metabolism of glucose.
Presumptive signs of pregnancy
amenorrhea/ breast changes/ nausea/ urinary freq./fatigue/abdominal enlargement/quickening
Probable signs of pregnancy
Postive preg. test/ballotment/uterine changes
rebounding of the fetus d/t pressure from a finger during exam
Chadwick's sign
"Color of Cervix" -a bluish/purplish color of cervix/vagina d/t increased blood supply (estrogen)
Hegar's sign
softening of lower uterus
Goodell's sign
"Good and Soft" -softening of the cervix allowing it to thin and dilate
Positive signs of pregnancy
"postively baby" -fetal hr/visualization of fetus/fetal movement
Fetal heart rate
ultrasound/ done in heavier women and preg. women less than 12 weeks
McDonald's method
method that measures gestational age between 18 & 30 wks. Measure in cm from symphosis pubis to top of fundus.
supine hypotensive syndrome
aka vena cava syndrome/Baby and placenta put pressure on vena cava and abdominal aorta which causes decreased blood flow to heart and dramatically decreases bp (causes light headedness)
pregnancy effects on renal system
urinary frequency/ nocturia/ stress incontinence/ uti/ GFI & Tubular absorption increases
pregancy effects on GI
n&v up to 12 wks/ gerd (d/t progesterone) /constipation (decreased peristalsis)
linea nigra
dark line on abdomen from umbilicus to pubis
"mask of pregnancy", darkening of forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes
striae gravidarum
"stretch marks", when underlying connective tissue separates during rapid growth
hormone that stimulates contractions, let-down reflex
1 hour Glucose tolerance test/ done at 28 wks/results must be < 132
intervention for N & V
5-6 small meals/avoid fried, spicy food/drink liquid seperate from meal
intervention for vaginal discharge
clean front to back DAILY/apply corstarch to keep dry/ only cotton panties/ watch for foul smelling, colored discharge
intervention for fatigue
get 8-10 hours of sleep daily/ relaxaton techniques
inverventions for constipation
increase fluids/ increase fiber/ avoid lg. amts of cheese/ exercise/ bowel training
Catagory A
drugs w/ no risk to fetus (eg. Tylenol or Benedryl)
Catagory X
drugs that cause absolute fetal abnormalities (eg MMR vaccine)
hydatiform mole
proliferation and degeneration of the chorion/ aka "molar pregcy." or "gestational trophablastic disease"/ CARCINOGENIC
Abruptio placentae
premature separaton of placenta/ risks fetal death d/t massive maternal hemorrhage/ can be related to direct trauma
Threatened abortion
bleeding w/ no associated symptoms, cervix closed.
ectopic pregnancy
implanted outside uterus/ bleeding emergency
10 times every 12hrs
# of times a baby should move
notes on multiple pregnancies
at risk for: preeclampsia,gestational diabetes,preterm labor/ delivery depends on presentation of fetus's
TX for Rh negative/given at 28 wks gestation & within 72 hrs of delivery./usually effects 2nd pregnancy
ABO incompatability
mother is type O blood and fetus is A, B, or AB/causes jaundice in newborn w/i 24 hrs.
indirect Coomb's test
test given to determine Rh factor
risks for Gestational diabetes mother
placental abruption/hypoglycemia, respiratory distress/macrosomia (large baby)/preeclampsia/ketoacidosis/polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid)/ stillbirth
HELLP syndrome
preeclampsia with liver damage/ Stands for: Hemolysis, Elavated liver enzymes, and low platelet count (less than 100K)/ ** will NOT do epidural if low platelets!
major sign of preeclampsia and eclampsia
swelling in hands & face
habitual abortion
caused by incompetent cervix/ mom has hx of spontaneous abortions/ dilates too soon
treatment for habitual abortion
CERCLAGE: drawstring procedure sews cervix shut at 16 weeks until 37 weeks.
group beta strep vaginal culture
done at 36 weeks to determine presence of group b strep/ If positive, 2 series of antibiotics given.
needle aspiration of amniotic fluid to check for anomolies/ must for mothers 35 yrs. old and older/ (L/S ratio should be 2:1)
inevitable abortion
cervix dilates prematurely, causes spontaneous abortion. NO treatment.
placenta previa
PAINLESS, bright red bleeding/ can be partial, marginal, or complete/ must do c-section to save baby..MOST COMMON CAUSE OF BLEEDING IN 3RD TRIMESTER