15 terms

Chapter 11

You want to view the logs shown in the Event Viewer on a remote computer. What should you do?
Use the Connect To Another Computer command in the Action Menu within the Event Viewer
Which of the following is NOT a recovery tool found on Windows RE?
Windows Network Diagnostic
Which of the following reverses all of the system configuration, driver, and registry changes you made since the computer last booted successfully?
Last Known Good Configuration
What new feature used with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 enables networks with computers at remote location to conserve bandwidth by storing frequently accessed files on local drives?
Which troubleshooting tool enables you to connect to a user's remote computer, view and interact with the user's screen, and chat with the user?
Remote Assistance
What is similar to Windows PE but also gives you a collection of recovery tools that can identify and repair many of the problems that can prevent the system from starting?
Windows RE
What program do you use to create a new VHD in Windows 7?
Disk Management console
Where is the boot menu configuration stored?
BCD registry file
Which component(s) displays the boot menu and loads the kernel?
Windows Boot Manager and Windows Boot Loader
Which program enables you to connect to a remote computer including servers with no interaction required from the remote computer?
Remote Desktop
What port does Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop use?
TCP 3389
How do you add a VHD file to the boot menu?
Use BCDedit.exe
How can you execute commands on a remote computer?
Use winrs.exe
When Boot Logging is enabled, what is the name of the boot log and where is it located?
What option starts the computer with a minimal set of generic drivers which are needed to run the system?
Safe mode