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Chapter 15 (pg 406-419) - Societies and Empires of Africa


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Many African families are organized into these groups who believe they are descendants of a common ancestor. Lineage also includes future generations. Within a lineage, they feel strong loyalties to one another. In many societies, lineage groups took the place of rulers.
Stateless societies
Some African societies that did not have a centralized system of power but a balance among lineages of equal power so no one family had too much control.
The part of North Africa that is today the Mediterranean coast of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
Almoravids & Almohads
Two Berber groups (Berbers were original inhabitants of N. Africa) that founded empires that united the Maghrib under Muslim rule from 1050-1150.
Soniinke people referred to their ruler as this.
Kingdom of Ghana
By 700s, its rulers were becoming rich by taxing the goods that traders carried through their territory.
Mali's first great leader.
Mali's word for emperor.
Mansa Musa
Ruled Mali from 1312-1332 and had enormous wealth.
Ghana, Mali and Songhai
Three West African Empires from 1000-1500 A.D.
Hausa, Yoruba & Benin
Three other peoples of West Africa