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  1. praestat, praestitit
  2. videtur
  3. mos est
  4. convenit, convenit
  5. miseret, miseritum est
  1. a it is better
  2. b it is customary +INF
  3. c it seems +INF
  4. d it causes pity +GEN
  5. e it is agreed

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  1. it is apparent/evident
  2. it is becoming dark
  3. it displeases +DAT
  4. it is fitting/appropriate
  5. it is agreed

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  1. pudet, puduit (puditum est)it is permitted, allowed +DAT


  2. necesse estit is necessary +INF


  3. paenitet, paenituitit causes regret, sorrow


  4. opus estthere is need [for] +DAT


  5. piget, piguitit irks, disgusts