22 terms

management chapter 18

raw, unsummarized, and unalayzed facts
data that are organized in a meaningful fashion
real-time information
frequently updated infromation that relfects current conditions
information technology
the set of methods or techniques for acquiring, organizing, storing, maniuplating and transmitting information
management information system (MIS)
a specific form of IT that managers utilize to generate the specific detailed information they need to perform their effectively
product life cycle
the way demand for a product changed in a predictable pattern of time. Embryonic, Growth, mature, decline
the exchange of information through a group or network of interlinked computers
transactional processing system
a managemen information system designed to handle large volumes of routine, recurring transactiosn
operations information system
a management information system that gathres, organizes, and summarizes comprehensive data is can use in a form that managers can use in their nonroutine coordinating, controlling, and decision-making tasks
decision support system
an interactive computer-based management information system that managers can use to make nonroutine decisions
executive support system
a sophisticated version of a decision support system that is designed to meed the needs of top managers
group decision support system
an executive support system that links top managers so that they can funciton as a team
artificial intelligence
behavior performed by a achine, that if performed bya h uman being, would be called inelligent
expert system
a management informatino system that employs human knowledge, embedded in a computer, to solve problems that ordinarily require human expertise.
enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
multimodule application software packages that coordinate the funcitonal activities necessary to move products from the product design stage
trade that takes place between companies, and between companies and individual customers, using IT and the internet
business-to-business (B2B) commerce
trade that takes place between companies using IT and the internet to link and coordinate the value chains of different companies
B2B marketplace
an internet-based trading plaform set up o connect buyers and sellers in an industry
business to customer (B2C) commerce
trade that takes place between a company and an individual customer using IT and the internet
B2B Network structure
a series of global strategic alliances that an organization creates with suppliers, manufacturers, and/or distributors to produce and market a product.
boundaryless organization
an organization whose members are linked by computers, faxes etc. Rarely see face to face
knowledge management system
a company-specific virtual information system that systematizes the knowledge of its employees and facilitates the sharing and integrating of their expertise.