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Microsoft Excel

a spreadsheet application tool that analyzes data in a table format using formulas


a document that is used to crunch number and formulas


Vertical spaces headed with letters. There a total of 256 and the last one is IV.


Horizontal group of cells named with numbers; there a total of 65536 of them


the place where information is held in a spreadsheet

Active Cell

the cell in the spreadsheet where information will be placed; the cell that has been selected.

Name Box

displays the cell reference which is the location of the active cell in the worksheet. it is located on the left side of the formula bar.

Cell address

Tells you the exact location of a specific cell noating the intersection of the column and row that forms it

Work Book

An excel document that contains 3 worksheets by default but can have more than 3


A single sheet contained in an excel workbook

Sheet Tabs

Labels located at the bottom of the workbook window indicating the worksheets

Ascending decimals

a function that allows the user to increase decimal places of a number typed in a cell

Descending decimals

a function that allows the user to decrease decimal places of a number typed in a cell


a function that automatically adds selected cells

Dollar symbol

a function that changes the contents of a cell to currency and adds a dollar sign and 2 decimal places


a mathmatical formula typed into a cell

Entry/formula bar

the tool bar that shows the text or eqaution assigned to cells

Percent sign

a function that allows the user to change the value of the cell to a percent by multiplying it by 100

Merge and center

a function allowing the user to select a number of cells to create one large cell with the information centered within the large cell


a function that puts records in specific order

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