Unit 2 Criminal Justice

what level of force is a police officer allowed to use when encountering a suspect?
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This era of policing aims to restore police relationships with citizens & focuses on proactive policingCommunity Policing EraThis era of policing removed political influence & embraced new forms of technologyProfessional EraThis term refers to police's loyalty to fellow officers & refusal to speak out against themBlue Code of SilenceThis abuse of authority involves police doing something wrong b/c they believe it will cause something better in the end"Noble Cause" AbuseThis amendment of the constitution primarily protects you against unlawful searches & seizures4thThis amendment primarily protects your self-defense rights in court by providing you a lawyer if needed6thThis amendment primarily protects your right against self-incrimination in court & questioning5thTo sue a police officer, you must also be able to identify a previous court case with your exact civil rightruePolice's protection against civil lawsuits in order to protect them from frivolous arguments is known asqualified immunityThe federal government sets the minimum educational requirements for police across the countryFalse