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everything in space


scientist who study the universe


the place where astronomers study the universe


instrument that magnifies objects; first used by Galileo

Reflecting Telescope

gathers light waves with a mirror

Refracting Telescope

gathers light with a lens; lens bend the light waves

Radio Telescope

gathers radio waves given off by an object in space

The Hubble Telescope

Orbits around the earth


objects that circle other objects

The first satellite

was used by Russia; name is Sputnik; in space in 1957


unmanned crafts sent into space

Astronomical Unit

the unit of measure equal to the distance between Earth and the Sun. This distance is 93,000,000 miles. The unit is only used inside the solar system. (AU)

Light Year

the distance light travels in 1 year. Used to measure distance outside the solar system. 1 light year= 6 trillion miles a year= 186,000 miles per second

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