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opportunity cost
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mixed economycommand and marketmarket economyno government control, unequal distribution, increased gap between rich and poor, private ownership; associated with technologypure market economyrelies exclusively on markets to allocate resources and to answer all three questions of allocationgender rolesin a society, the set of behaviors that are expected and considered appropriateDesertificationwhen human population overexploits an area's ability to sustain itself through the use of poor irrigation practices, overgrazing, deforestation, and other agricultural practices; may occur decreasing the land's resilience to climate variationsdictatorshipa government or social situation where authority rules and makes decisions all rests with one personRepublicgovernment where power is held by the people and their elected representativeconfederationform of government consisting of a union of many states or countries typically unified for a purposemonarchya country ruled by a king or queenstraitnarrow waterway between two bodies of waterlobbyistan individual who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators who make the lawstopographical mapshows natural and manmade features; elevation and contour linesegalitarianall people are equal and deserving of rights and indigenous (a native)Globalizationthe idea of keeping us all together and bringing the world togethercultural assimilationthe process by which a person or a group's language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group; minority absorbed in majorty cultureTransparent Governmenthe governments obligation to share information with their citizensprime meridianearths zero of longitudeculture diffusionspread of one's culture, practices and beliefAcculturationadapting or borrowing traits from another culturePopular Sovereigntypolitical idea that stated that the people in each territory should decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery in their new stateImperialisma policy where one country extends its power and influence over another weaker country in order to enrich itselftotal revenueincome a business receives from the sale of all the good producedtotal profitdetermined by subtracting total costs from revenuesGerrymanderingmanipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party of classOligarchya small group of people have control of a country, organization or institutionfiscal policychanging government spending and taxes to influence the level or demandmonetary policyuses interest rates that are set by the bankopen door policyallows for a system of trade in china