Drivers Ed State Exam

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"If you turn the steering wheel to the right while in reverse, the rear of the car will"
go to the right
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When turning onto a 4 lane road from a 2 lane road it is best to turn into The far right lane The lane nearest the center of the road The far left lane none of the abovethe lane nearest the center of the roadtrue/false - Stopping distance depends on individuals reaction time speed vehicles weightTrueHow far from an intersection should you signal when making a turnat least 100 feet"If you are 21 or over, you are considered under the influence if your BAC is"0.08%What type of insurance must every driver have in the State of NJliability insuranceYou should only use your high beams whendriving on country roads with little or no trafficWhat should you do when your car goes into a skidtake your foot off the gas turn in the direction the rear of the car is goingT/F - A motorist must stop at the direction of a traffic officerTrue"As a car enters a curve, it tends to go"straightAn uncontrolled intersection is:an un-marked intersectionAn eight sided sign isa stop signA high BAC can only be lowered bytimeThe purpose of a deceleration lane is:to allow the driver to slow down when leaving a highway/expresswayAn habitual offender is someone whoa person with three suspensions in three yearsDuring what times can't you operate a vehicle under a Special GDL learner's permitfrom 11:01pm-5:00amA sign that is colored blue is for:information/motorist servicesT/F - Driving can be affected by prescription drugs illegal drugsTrueT/F - In order for a driver to get a probational license they must complete 6 months of supervised driving be suspension free pass a road testTrueAt an uncontrolled intersection who goes firstthe person on the rightThe fastest way to get sober istimeA basic driver's license is awarded to someone who is at least18A common mistake for a new driver is:hitting the brake too hard"If the brakes fail to stop your car, you should:"put your car into a lower gear and pump your brakesDriving while your license is suspended can result in up to a $500 fine and 6 months of additional suspension three years in jail three year additional suspension one year additional suspensionup to a $500 fine and 6 months of additional suspensionA new vehicle does not get inspected for4 yearsWhere should the drivers hands be on the steering wheelat 9 and 3 o'clockThe good host law states:The host may become involved in a law suit if someone leaves their home and has an accidentHydroplaning can causetires to ride up on a film of water and not contact the pavementWhen we drive in the city we use the _______________ second rule.12 secondYou can pass a school bus at 10mph when its red lights are flashing only if:if the bus has pulled in front of a school to pick-up or drop off studentsIf a GDL driver commits any GDL conditions other than a moving violation they will receive a fine of$100You have to notify MVC of a name change withintwo weeksDrivers convicted of a moving violation in a construction zone can have finesdoubledUnder what circumstance can a driver get a conditional license in NJ?NeverIf you get a flat tire while driving on a two lane road the best thing to do is:take your foot off the gas and slowly move to the shoulder.A truck takes how much longer to stop than a car if it is raining?25%To get an examination permit you mustpass a vision and knowledge test and be at least 17 years oldA probationary license lasts for:one yearA triangle sign meansyield"If you are about to enter a curve in the road, you should:"slow down before entering the curveA warning sign is what shapediamond"If you want to park uphill with a curb, you should turn your wheels to the:"up up and away"If you are under 21 years old, you are considered under the influence if your BAC is: " 0.10% 0.08% 0.02%all of the aboveIf you loose a permit or license you should report it first tothe policeHow close to a stop sign can you park50 feetDrivers may use studded snow tire betweenNovember 15 and April 1At an uncontrolled intersection always yield to the driver on theright"If a student permit driver commits a traffic offense, the responsibility lies with"the driver and the supervising driverWhen are right turns allowed at a red lightafter a full stop when there is not a no turn on red sign and when traffic has been checked