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A safe place

Trial by Jury

Guarantees a person accused of breaking a law, the right to be tried by a jury

Farm produce

Grains, fruits and veggies for food and services

Great Awakening

A movement that called for a rebirth of religious ways of life


An area of land


A person that moves into another country to make a home there


A volunteer army


A book issued once a year

Circle Graph

A round graph divided into pieces



Back Country

A frontier beyond the area of settled Europeans


A part of the house between the ceiling and the roof

New Netherland

Settled by the Dutch and Henry Hudson claimed it.


Bought N.J their beliefs were that fighting was wrong and they refused to carry guns around made the Pennsylvania rightful


Penn's woods

Poor Richards Almanac

A book issued once a year written by Benjamin Franklin


The land between the Coastland Plain and the Appalachian Mountains

Great Wagon Road

A trail to get to the back country

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