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  1. Glorious Revolution
  2. Brave, Accurate, Honest, Dependable
  3. Absolute Monarch, Divine Right
  4. Kentake
  1. a An event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII
  2. b King James II wanted to be ____________ __________ and have all the power. He believed he had the ___ _______ to rule
  3. c An indian word meaning "Meadowland"
  4. d What kind of people could make it on the frontier?

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  1. A king who does not share any power
  2. Daniel Boone found an indian trail through a ________ _________ and this later became known as the ___________ _________.
  3. The name of the way through the Appalachian Mountains built by Daniel Boone
  4. The frontier offered people ____________
  5. King __________ was removed during this Revolution and __________ and __________ took over as King and Queen

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  1. Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky, Allegheny, White, GreenThe mountain chain running down the east coast is the ________ __________. Name four of the 8 parts


  2. Mountain DivideThe place in high mountains where waters change direction


  3. RoyalThe eight colonies that were controlled by the king of England were called __________ colonies


  4. Royal ColoniesColonies controlled by the king of England with leaders appointed by him


  5. New WorldThe frontier offered people ____________