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  1. Debtors Prison
  2. Glorious Revolution, 1688
  3. Mountain Gap, Wilderness Road
  4. Glorious Revolution
  5. Subsistence
  1. a Daniel Boone found an indian trail through a ________ _________ and this later became known as the ___________ _________.
  2. b Since the land wasn't right, __________ farming was the only kind in england
  3. c An event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII
  4. d Jail for people who could not pay their bills
  5. e The _________ ________ took place in England in the year _________

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  1. A king who does not share any power
  2. Trading different items between Europe, Africa, and The Colonies
  3. The eight colonies that were controlled by the king of England were called __________ colonies
  4. The frontier offered people ____________
  5. An indian word meaning "Meadowland"

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  1. Divine RightJail for people who could not pay their bills


  2. Wilderness RoadA name given to America by the people of Europe


  3. Brave, Accurate, Honest, DependableName three continents that were included in the triangular trade.


  4. Mountain DivideThe flow of water changes direction at a _________ _________


  5. Royal ColoniesColonies controlled by the king of England with leaders appointed by him