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  1. Debtors Prison
  2. Proprietary, Individuals
  3. Because they would have to spend money to build forts and send soldiers to the people
  4. Absolute Monarch, Divine Right
  5. Subsistence
  1. a Why did the british not want the people to move west
  2. b King James II wanted to be ____________ __________ and have all the power. He believed he had the ___ _______ to rule
  3. c Since the land wasn't right, __________ farming was the only kind in england
  4. d The three __________ Colonies were owned by ______
  5. e Jail for people who could not pay their bills

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  1. An event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII
  2. The flow of water changes direction at a _________ _________
  3. An indian word meaning "Meadowland"
  4. Growing enough only for yourself
  5. The mountain chain running down the east coast is the ________ __________. Name four of the 8 parts

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  1. Royal ColoniesColonies controlled by the king of England with leaders appointed by him


  2. RoyalThe frontier offered people ____________


  3. Europe, Africa, and North AmericaName three continents that were included in the triangular trade.


  4. Absolute MonarchSince the land wasn't right, __________ farming was the only kind in england


  5. KentakeThe indian name for Meadowland is __________.