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  1. Frontier
  2. Wilderness Road
  3. Absolute Monarch, Divine Right
  4. Parliament
  5. Absolute Monarch
  1. a A king who does not share any power
  2. b The name of the way through the Appalachian Mountains built by Daniel Boone
  3. c King James II wanted to be ____________ __________ and have all the power. He believed he had the ___ _______ to rule
  4. d On the edge of civilization
  5. e What were the English lawmakers called

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  1. The flow of water changes direction at a _________ _________
  2. King __________ was removed during this Revolution and __________ and __________ took over as King and Queen
  3. What kind of people could make it on the frontier?
  4. An event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII
  5. The indian name for Meadowland is __________.

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  1. KentakeAn indian word meaning "Meadowland"


  2. Triangular TradeTrading different items between Europe, Africa, and The Colonies


  3. RoyalThe frontier offered people ____________


  4. Because they would have to spend money to build forts and send soldiers to the peopleGive three reasons why people wanted to move west


  5. SubsistenceGrowing enough only for yourself