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Plant Cell parts definition

A cell structure in which the functions are carried out to ensure the cell`s survival.
cell membrane
A membrane that separates the interior of the cell from its surroundings
The organelle that controls all the activities within a cell
The energy producers of the cell. Also carries out cellular respiration to produce energy for the cell.
cell wall
A rough,rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and gives the cell a regular,box-like shape
Temporary storage compartments in cells,sometimes used to store waste.
Golgi body
A stucture in cells that sorts proteins and packs them into vessels
Cell parts(organelles) that assemble proteins
Part of plant cells that trap energy from the Sun and change it into chemical energy that plants use
endoplasmic reticulum
A network of membrane covered channels that transport materials
A jelly like substance within a cell,containing organelles,water,and other life-supporting materials