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These will help you study for any French test, using words that are generally taught in French classes accross the USA.


You are a clown.


I eated your mother.



Onion Jelly


I don't bathe.

Guess what I use my tub for instead?

Shoving lobster rolls into...


Sniffing Expo markers


Making chains out of paper clips


Wearing turbans into airports


leedle leedle leedle leed-

dle lee- dle lee

All work and no play makes Jack...

...a dull boy.

Do you ever have deja vu?

How often?

Pop Tarts

in sloooooowwwww motion!

Has a fly ever landed on your monitor...

...and you try to scare it away with the cursor?

watching bad remakes of good movies

Timon and Pumbah

Do you ever have deja vu?

How often?

Eavesdropping on teachers


Candy corn is healthy.

paper snow flakes

You can udnretsnad waht I'm syanig

Knid of cool, ins't it? I cuold go on all day lkie tihs and you wuold sitll udnretsnad me, eevn thuogh I msipslleed amlsot eevry wrod. So laenring to sepll is a wsate of tmie!

Read this aloud:

Paris in the
the Spring
is absolutely beautiful
though others may
they are blind
and unknowing


Go back to the flip side of the last card and read the top 2 lines carefully.

l'll bet you didn't notice that the first time through.

Here are 12 facts I know about you:

1. You are reading this right now.
2. Now you're thinking that was a stupid fact.
4. You didn't notice that I skipped number three.
5. You just looked at the numbers to check the last fact.
6. You're smiling.
7.You're still reading this right now.
8. You know all you have read is true.
10. You didn't notice that I skipped number nine.
11. You went back to check the numbers.
12. You didn't realise there are only 12 facts.

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