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a perpendicular segment from a vertex to the line containing the opposite side

angle of depression

the line formed by a horizontal line and a line of sight to the point below

angle of elevation

the line formed by a horizontal line and a line of sight to the point above

biconditional statement

a statement written as "if and only if"


point of concurrency of three points of a triangle (center of gravity)


point of concurrency of the three perpendicular bisectors of a triangle


every vertex to the polygon lies in the circle


the part of a conditional statement following the word "then"


three or more lines that intersect at a point


a statement that is believed to be true


The statement formed by both exchanging and negating the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement


switching hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement


adjacent over hypotenuse


an example that proves the conjecture is false

cross products

products across from eachother that can be multiplied to get a certain answer

deductive reasoning

the process of using your own logic to draw conclusions


a statement that describes a mathematical object and can be proven by a biconditional statement


A transformation in which the lines connecting every point with its premiage P all intersect at a point C known as the center of dilation


the same distance from two or more objects


the part of a conditional statement following the word if


the point of concurrency of the three angle bisectors of a triangle

indirect measurement

a method of measurements that uses formulas, similar figures,and/or proportions

inductive reasoning

the process of reasoning that a rule or statement is true because specific cases are true


an angle whose vertex is on a circle and whose sides contain chords of a circle


the statement formed by negating the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement


a segment whose midpoints are a vertex of the triangle and the midpoint to the opposite side


a segment that joins the midpoints of two sides of a triangle


to make a statement negative


the point of concurrency of three altitudes of a triangle

point of concurrency

a point where 3 or more lines coincide


a closed plain figure formed by 3 or more segments such that each segment intersects exactly 2 other segments only at their endpoints and no two segments with a common endpoint are collinear


an argument that uses logic to prove that a conclusion is true


a statement that two ratios are equal

pythagorean triple

a set of three non-zero numbers: a, b, and c:a^2+b^2=c^2


a 4 sided polygon


a conmparison of two quantities by division


a ratio between two corresponding measurements

scale drawing

a drawing that uses a scale to represent an objec that is smaller or larger than the actual object

scale factor

the multiplier used on each dimension to change one figure into a similar figure


have the same shape but not necessarily the same size

similarity ratio

a ratio of two corresponding linear measurements in a pair or figure


opposite over hypotenuse


opposite over adjacent


a statement that has been proven


a three sided polygon

trigonometric ratio

a ratio of two sides of a right triangle

two column proof

a style of proof in which the statements are written in the left hand collumn and the reasons are written in the right hand collumn

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