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Windows Server- Network Infrastructure - Lesson 5/6 Practice Exam

802.1X provides port-based security through the use of all of the following components with the exception of a(n) __________.


A hub examines the destination and source address of an incoming data frame and forwards the frame to the appropriate destination port according to the destination address.


A static-routed IP environment is best suited to small, single-path, static IP internetworks.


An NPS Network Policy, which is a rule for evaluating remote connections, consists of which of the following items?

all of the above

By default, the Callback Options setting is configured as __________.

No Callback

By default, the Callback Options setting is configured as No Callback.


By using the Routing and Remote Access service, Windows Server 2008 can be configured as a router and remote access server.


For best results, the internetwork should be limited to fewer than how many subnets with an easily predicted traffic pattern (such as arranged consecutively in a straight line)?


How can you view the IP routing table?

both B & C

Of the four types of routes that can be found in a routing table, which of the following cannot be found?

client routes

One example of an NPS Policy Setting includes IP properties that specify IP address assignment behavior. Which of the following is not an option?

Client Must Supply an IP Address

Routers are considered components of which layer?

layer 3

What encryption type is used for dial-up and PPTP-based VPN connections with a 40-bit key?

basic encryption

What term refers to the device that is seeking access to the network, such as a laptop attempting to access a wireless access point?


What type of connectivity creates a secure point-to-point connection across either a private network or a public network, such as the Internet?

virtual private network

When most traffic is synchronous, as in voice and video transmissions, VPN is your best option.


Which column of the IP Routing Table indicates the gateway value for each routing table entry?


Which entries refer to a separate multicast route?

Which generic authentication method does not encrypt authentication data?

Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)

Which generic authentication method offers encryption of authentication data through the MD5 hashing scheme?

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

Which mutual authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data?


Which of the following is the limited broadcast address that is general for all networks and routers?

Which one-way authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data (the same cryptographic key is used in all connections; this method supports older Windows clients, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98)?


Which option enables internal clients to connect to the Internet using a single, external IP address?

network address translation

Windows Server 2008 includes all of the following routing protocols that can be added to the Routing and Remote Access service with the exception of __________.


A period of planning and design is unnecessary before you start implementation of a file server deployment.


By default, what topology do replication groups use?

full mesh

For network users to be able to access a shared folder on an NTFS drive, you must grant them __________ permissions.

both A & B

Generally speaking, a well-designed sharing strategy provides each user with all of the following resources except __________ storage space.


How many active partitions can you have per hard drive?


If your organization has branch offices scattered around the world and uses relatively expensive wide area networking (WAN) links to connect them, it would probably be more economical to install a file server at each location rather than having all of your users access a single file server using the WAN links.


Most personal computers use basic disks because they are the easiest to manage. A basic disk uses what type of partitions and drives?

primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical disks

Regardless of the size of your network, your strategy for creating shared folders should consist of all the following information except what __________.

online file settings you will use for the shares

The Distributed File System (DFS) implemented in the Windows Server 2008 File Services role includes two technologies: DFS Namespaces and __________.

DFS Replication

The File Services role and other storage-related features included with Windows Server 2008 provide tools that enable system administrators to address many problems on a scale appropriate to a large enterprise network. However, before you implement the role or begin using these tools, what should you spend some time thinking about?

your users' needs and how these needs affect their file storage and sharing practices

The process of deploying and configuring a simple file server using Windows Server 2008 includes many of the most basic server administration tasks, including all of the following except __________.

partitioning drives

The system partition contains what types of files?

hardware-related files that the computer uses to boot

What file system provides the most granular user access control and also provides other advanced storage features, including file encryption and compression?


What is the first step in designing a file-sharing strategy?

projecting anticipated storage needs and procuring the correct server hardware and disk arrays to meet your needs

What server is responsible for maintaining the list of DFS shared folders and responding to user requests for those folders?

namespace server

What tool can you use to perform disk-related tasks such as initializing disks, selecting a partition style, converting basic disks to dynamic disks, and more?

Disk Configuration MMC snap-in

What volume type consists of space on three or more physical disks, all of which must be dynamic disks?


What volume type is essentially a method for combining the space from multiple dynamic disks into a single large volume?


When preparing a hard disk for use, Windows Server 2008 file servers can use the same settings as workstations.


When you install additional hard disk drives on a file server, the Windows Server 2008 setup program automatically performs all of the preparation tasks.


When you work with basic disks in Windows Server 2008, how many primary partitions can you create?


Windows Server 2008 can support dynamic volumes as large as __________ terabytes.


Windows Server 2008 has several sets of permissions that operate independently of each other. Which permissions control access to folders over a network?

share permissions

Within each site, the number of file servers you need can depend on __________.

all of the above

You can mark an existing dynamic disk as an active partition.


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