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Which of the following would not describe a dimension of health

economic financial management

Which of the following does not describe "wellness'

the absence of disease or infirmity

looking at health and the individual as a whole rather than part by part describes

total well-being

All of the following are essential steps toward maintaining optimal physical health except

taking an aspirin everyday

Psychological health refers to

emotional and mental states

Psychological health gives individuals the ability to do all the following EXCEPT

diagnose emotional problems

All of the following are essential components of spiritual health EXCEPT

attending a religious service once a week

Health promotion would promote all the following EXCEPT

banning all protein from your diet

All of the following are associated with intellectual health EXCEPT

your mental stability

the relationship your world has on well-being defines

environmental health

All the following are true of self-esteem EXCEPT

Self-esteeme is based on external factors

Which of the following describes an inclination to expect the best possibility


Which of the following describe a sustained emotional state that colors one's view of the world for hours or days?

a mood

All of the following are benefits of altruism EXCEPT

higher intelligence

According to Hans Selye, satisfying our own needs helping others satisfy theirs id known as

altruistic egoism

Individuals who are true to themselves and develop independence demonstrate which of the following characteristics


An autonomous individual has a locus of control that is


Positive emotions when studying positive psychology refer to

hope and trust

Emotional quotient is the ability to

use emotions to guide one's thinking and actions

Self-esteem is based upon which factors to feel confident and satisfied

what you truly believe and feel about yourself

All the following are emotional reactions to stress EXCEPT


All of the following are strategies for defusing test stress EXCEPT

Never talk with other students because they may confuse you

All of the following are key steps in conflict resolution EXCEPT


All of the following are early signs of Burnout EXCEPT

increased alertness

People who become obsessed by their work and careers are known as


All of the following are true statements concerning burnout EXCEPT

those in helping professions have a greater risk of burnout

If you wanted to apply a relaxation technique that works by intentionally increasing and then decreasing tension in the muscles, you would do:

progressive relaxation

When you are sitting quietly for 20 min while concentrating on an image or word while breathing slowly & rhythmically, you are practicing:




A modern form of an ancient Asian technique called mindfulness uses the principle of

maintaining an awareness of the present moment

What seems to be an unlikely health-related component of physical fitness

blood pressure

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