BI 202 Random stuff for Final

24 terms by peapickr

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6 Northern Kings: Ahab, Hoshea, Jehu, Omri, and Jeroboam 1&2 Foreign Kings and Dates


Married Jezebel


Set up Baal worship


King during Elijah's ministry


Got Naboth's vineyard


Killed by a randomly shot arrow


King when Samaria becomes the capital of Israel


Killed Ahab's house


Killed Joram and Ahaziah and Jezebel


Killed Baal worshippers

Jeroboam II

Reigned during Jonah, Amos, and Hosea's ministries

Jeroboam I

Made the calf cult

Jeroboam I

Wars with Abijam (Judah)

Jeroboam I

"Made Israel to sin"


Last king of Israel

722 B.C.

Israel taken captivity

605 B.C.

1st deportation of Judah

597 B.C.

2nd deportation of Judah

586 B.C.

3rd (final) deportation of Judah

536 B.C.

Start rebuilding the Temple

516 B.C.

Temple completed


King during Esther

Daniel's kings

Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Cyrus, and Darius


Writing on the wall


King during Ezra and Nehemiah

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