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Human males have a dark spot on the edge of the nucleus (bar body) identifying the inactive x chromosome


Humans have 22 paits of autosomes and 2 pair of sex chromosomes


A carrier of a recessive genetic disorder usually does not express any symptomes of the disease


Linked genes are genes for different traits located on the same chromosome


The father actually dertermines the gender of the child


Mitosis followed by cytokinesis is teresponsible for all of the following except

Production of egg and sperm

Which phrase is marked by the arrival of chromosomes at the poles?


If you view a cell in which gentic material is beginning to be visible as seperate bodies, and the nuclear envelope has disappeard from view, you may surmise that the cell is in


The process that actually divides that parent cell into two daughter cells is called


Spindle fibers

are used to ogranize and move chromosomes during mitosis

At the end of meiosis 1, the resulting two cells are

haploid and genetically different

What seperates in anaphase 1 of meiosis

homologus chromosomes

DNA replication occurs

between the gap phases of interphase

A diploid cell has

has two of each type of chromosome

Chromosomes that come from different parents yet are the same size and have the same genetice composition are

homologus chromosomes

The segeregation principle explains how each gamete

has only one copy of each gene

Which of the following does NOT produce genetic variation

Asexual reproduction

Which of the following molecules controls progress of the cell cycle?

growth factor controls

Crossing over

increases variablity in gametes

All but one of the following are characteristc of cancer cells choos the EXCEPTION

Essentially normal funcioning cells.. they just have lost control of cell division

The spread of cancer from one site to the others in the body is known as


Sexual reprodution

results in new combinations of genetic traits

A leading cause of human reproductive failure and miscarriages is due to the fetus having an ancorrect number chromosomes whish is the cause

nondisjunction of chromosomes in meiosis 1 or 2

Different forms of a gene are known as


Homozygous dominant (AA) homozygous recessive (aa) and heterozygous (Aa) are terms used to describe and individuals


Carriers are


Type AB blood is an example of ___ which means that the heterozygous display two phenotypes at the same time


Usually, an egg cell from a human female contains

one X chromosome

In a Punnett square, the letters with the little boxes represent

offspring genotypes

Recessive phenotypes

are only seen in homozygous recessive individuals

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is inherited from an X-linked recessive allele. What is the probability that a son with Duchenne MD inherited this disease from his biological father


An allele is ____ if its effects masks that of a ___ allele paired with it.

dominant, recessive

If short hair (L) is dominat to long hair (l), animals LL and Ll Have the same


If a pure-breeding long tail cat is crossed with a pure breeding cat with no tail, cand a cat with a chort tail, is produced the simplist explinaition is

an incompletely dominat gene

If one parent has type a blood and the other parent has type b then which of the following is possible in the children

A, B, AB, and O

Traits such as human eye color and height demonstrate continuous variations bc

they are influenced by several genes

Which of the following would be the LEAST satisfactroy orgainsm for genetic research?


Most genetic disorders in humans are the result of

X-linked inheritance

Which of the following can be determined by and individuals karyotype?

The number and structual composition of an individuals chromosomes

Occurs in somtic cells...


gives rise to gametes...


generally produces 4 daughter cells...


required chromosome replicaiton must be complete before hand...

mitosis and meiosis

produces gentically identical daughter cells...


increase genetic diversity in offspring...






Long-Stemed plant...


L and l...


Determines plant height...


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