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  1. Il y a du soleil.
  2. Il y a des nuages.
  3. Pas grand-chose./Rien de spécial.
  4. D'accord./Bonne idée!/Pourquoi pas?
  5. On fait...?
  1. a It is sunny.
  2. b It is cloudy.
  3. c Not much./Nothing special.
  4. d Okay./Good Idea!/Why not?
  5. e Shall we...?

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  1. Do you feel like...?
  2. The weather is bad.
  3. What are you going to do if it...?
  4. What are you going to do...?
  5. What are we doing...?

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  1. Avec...With...


  2. J'ai trop de choses à faire./Je suis très occupé(e).I have too many things to do./I am very busy.


  3. Je vais jouer aux cartes.We could go to the café.


  4. Où ça?/Où est-ce qu'on se retrouve?Where?/Where are we meeting?


  5. Tu viens... avec moi?What are you going to do...?