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  1. Qu'est-ce qu'on fait...?
  2. Tu viens... avec moi?
  3. Il y a du soleil.
  4. On fait...?
  5. Avec qui est-ce que tu...?
  1. a What are we doing...?
  2. b You want to come... with me?
  3. c Shall we...?
  4. d With whom will you...?
  5. e It is sunny.

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  1. Not much./Nothing special.
  2. It is cloudy.
  3. The weather is bad.
  4. What are you going to do if it...?
  5. How about going to...?

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  1. Tu as envie...?/Ça te/vous dit...?What are you going to do...?


  2. On pourrait aller au café.We could go to the café.


  3. J'ai trop de choses à faire./Je suis très occupé(e).What are you going to do if it...?


  4. Avec...With...


  5. Où ça?/Où est-ce qu'on se retrouve?Where?/Where are we meeting?


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