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  1. is an extreme data point that does not t into the overall pattern of the rest of the data.
  2. is a sampling method which uses random or probabilistic selection as part of its design.
  3. is a controlled placebo study in which neither the subjects nor the scientists conducting the study know which subjects are in the treatment group and which are in the control group.
  4. for a data set is the difference between the third quartile and the
    fi rst quartile: Q3 Q1.
  5. of a quantitative data set is a summary of the center of the data set.
    It is computed by adding the data elements together and dividing by N, the number of
    data elements.

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  1. Q175/100 * N


  2. surveyis an alternative to a census, in which data is collected from only some members of the population.


  3. Q375/100 * N


  4. sample biasis one of the contributing factors to sampling error. It is the result of choosing a bad sample. Good methods of sample selection minimize sample bias.


  5. five-number summaryfor a data set consists of the minimum value in the data set
    Min, the fi rst quartile Q1, the median M = Q2, the third quartile Q3, and the maximum value Max.