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Who are protestants?

People who protest against the Catholic church

What is the reformation

The movement from many which led to the start of new church

What CORRUPTION problems led to the weakening of the Catholic Church?

Corruption of the church leaders, i.e. one pope collected money by tricking people into buying out their sins, also the church sold leadership positions and holy things

What POLITICAL conflicts led to the weakening of the Catholic Church?

Kings and queens had conflicts with popes over church property and political power. For example, when one king tried to tax the French, the pope threatened to excommunicate him.

Who are some early reformers who attempted to purify them?

John Wycliffe, Martin Luthur, Catherine of Siena

What did John Wycliffe do?

He challenged the church's right to money it demanded from the people of England

Why is Martin Luther credited with starting the Reformation?

Luther posted a list of theses, which were against indulgences of the church. As a result, many people saw these and some started following his ideas. Luther started his own church eventually.

What factors led to the development of Protestantism?

The growing opinion of people that the church were liars, dirty, selfish, and trying to get money.

How did the bible language change during the Reformation?

The Bible began being written in other languages such as German


a grant by the Catholic Church that releases a person from a sin


the buying and selling of holy objects


the position of a pope


beliefs that are the opposite of the teachings of the church


official church teachings


a person devoted to religion and mystical experiences


a group within a large group of faith

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