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Percentage of evidence evaluated in the crime lab that is drug-related?
Which physical symptom is part of the abstinence syndrome?
Body chills, vomming, stomach cramps, convulsions, insomnia, pain
Which drug is often incorrectly classified as a narcotic?
Part of cannabis contains the LEAST THC?
Marijuana has potential use in which medical application?
The administration of which drug eliminates an addict's desire for heroin?
Which is the most widely used and abused drug?
A low dose of alcohol will inhibit?
Judgment, memory, concentration
The sniffing of volatile solvents can cause
Exhiliration/euphoria, slurred speech, impaired judgment
What is true about the "club drug" Rohypnol?
Often connected with drug-facilitated sexual assault
MDMA (Ecstasy) does NOT cause
Brain damage
What is NOT true of the use of anabolic steroids?
In Western countries, the most heavily used and abused drug(s) is/are?
Ethyl alcohol
Which is a factor in determining the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream?
Whether or not it is consumed with food, person's sex/weight
There is a(n) ____ relationship between the amount of alcohol in the blood and that in the alveolar breath.
Upon entering the bloodstream, heroin is almost immediately metabolized into:
When investigators search a fire scene, the first focus must be on:
Finding the origin of the fire.
Hydrocarbon accelerants can be detected by:
2 things -- sniffing, ?
Which is NOT a high explosive?
Black powder
Which is a homemade explosive that has been used by terrorist organizations in the Middle East?
Methamphetamine is a:
Evidence to substantiate that a rape occurred could include:
Blood, hair, fiber, semen
The concentration of alcohol in an exhaled breath is in direct proportion to that of the blood of the same individual. The ratio of this relationship is closest to:
Which nitrogenous base is found in DNA?
Andentocine, Thymere, Chroos, Gratke
Which feature of hair is MOST important in making a species indentification?
PCR is a technique that:
Replicates or copies a portion of a DNA strand outside a living cell
CODIS is a national system of:
Combined DNA index
Luminol can be used at crime scenes to:
Locate traces of blood
As currently performed, DNA-profiling technology cannot provide information helpful in:
Convicting someone with just fingerprints
By far the most prevalent plant fiber is:
In forensic toxicology, all positive drug findings must be confirmed by a specific chemical test. The confirmation test of choice is:
Breath-test, field-sobriety test
In determining whether a hair sample originated from a male or female, the MOST important consideration is:
Result of the DNA analysis from root structure.
Which was the first man-made fiber?
In the collection of fiber evidence, great care should be taken to:
Prevent loss or contamination
It is a virtual certainty that two fabrics share a common origin if their fibers:
Can be fitted together at their torn edges.
Forcibly removed hairs are most likely to provide useful DNA evidence because they bear:
Follicular tissue
Which property imparts paint with its most distinctive forensic characteristics?
Color-layer sequence
What is the main ingredient in ordinary glass?
Silica (sand)
Pyrex glass
When a bullet penetrates a panel of glass, it leaves a crater-shaped hole that:
is surrounded by a symmetrical pattern of radial and concentric cracks
Which of the following is/are potential sources for forensic evidence on a suspect's personal computer?
Visible and latent data
The first thing a crime scene investigator should do when encountering computer forensic evidence is:
Ensure that the proper legal requirements have been met
When dictating to a person in or to obtain samples of hanwriting, one should NOT:
Use paper similar to that of the questioned document
Buccal cells are obtained from:
Inner cheek lining
Most explosives can be removed from debris for future study by being rinsed with
The writing characteristics of a person may be altered by whether:
They use a pen/pencil