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Science 11.1

The false belief that the universe (and all that is in it) orignated by natural processes
Cosmic Evolution
refers to the change orgin of the universe as a whole
Biological Evolution
referst to the gradual development of life on Earth, generally from simple,organisms to complex ones.
Special creation
Belief that a Creator, the omnipotent and omniscient, created the universe and all that is in it out of nothing
Ex Nihilo
Out of nothing
Day one
God created the earth, physical elemetns of the universe; creation of light
Day two
Formations of earth's atmosphere
Day three
formation of continents and plants
Day four
Formation of sun, moon, planets, and other heavenly bodies
Day five
formation of birds and sea-dwelling animals
Day six
formation of land-dwelling animals and mankind
The concept of special creation and evolution must be accepted by .....
Theistic Evolution
Modified form of evolutionary hypothesis which attempts to reconcile the Bible and evolution
T/F Scientists can make authoritative statements about the origin of the earth
Principle of Uniformity
All scientists assume the natural laws in operation today ahve existed throughout the earth's history
the extreme version of the principle of uniformity, that all natrual procces have been operating in the same manner and at the same rates throughout earth's history.
Charles Lyell
Father of Modern Geology; Uniformitarianism was popularized by him
Grand Canyon
What lyell failed to realize becase the natural procces today has not always preceeded at the same rate or on the same scale as the past. Example...
Principles of Geology
Charles Lyell's book
On the Origin of Speicies
Charldes Darwin's book
Evolutionary philosophy is that man is a product of
His responsibility to his creator
Evolution is a concept that attempts to free man from God and