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Test #4

Name the regions of the Austral realm.

1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Antartica

Australia and New Zealand belong to the same geographical realm but differ greatly in physiography. Why?

plate tectonics.
australia lies on the center of the australian plate far from any active edges.
NZ straddles a subduction plate where the pacific plate plunges below the australian plate

How do Australia and NZ differ physiographically?

australia-vast, dry, low relief, volcanoes and earthquakes are rare and unknown
NZ-mountainous, LOTS of volcanoes and earthquakes

How is human geography changing in Australia?

aboriginal activism and asian immigration

How is human geography changing in NZ?

maori activism and pacific islander immigration

What areas dominate the Austral economy?

livestock products

Great Artesian Basin

provides ground water to a semi-desert interior

The Shield

an ancient mineral rich surface dating before creation of Pangea


evolved from overlap of geography and biology. 2 main branches: zoology and phytogeography (plants)

What are the major urban centers of Australia?

1. sydney (3.7 million)
2. melbourne (3.3 million)
3. canberra (342,000)

What are 85% NZ's people?


What are some things that Australia and NZ have in common?

1. british heritage
2. challenges of distance and remote location
3. high % urbanization
4. indigenous people concerns
5. excellent quality of life

The Subtropical Convergence

sharply defined by temperature, salinity, chemistry and marine life

The Southern Ocean lies where?

in between antarctica and the subtropical convergence

What is significant about the Southern Ocean?

it is the 4th largest ocean at 13.7 million square miles. and contains world's biggest ocean current, a thousand times the flow of the amazon.

Who claims Antarctica?

many different countries who are interested in it's mineral wealth

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