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even if they lack a word for ____, people everywehre do associate an aesthetic experience with objects and events having certain qualities

Expressive culture

the arts, sometimes called______ ______include the visual arts, literature (written and oral) music and theatre arts. people express themeslves in dance music song etc etc


Non-western art isnt always linked to____


dictionary definition: the quality of production, expression, or real of what is beautiful or of more than ordinary significance


involves qualities percieved in works of art....the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty


Those who work with non-western art have been critized for ignoring individual artists and for focusing too much on teh social context and collective artist production. T/F


______ often performed in groups, is the most social of the arts

non western

in _______ societies the production and appreciation of art are part of every life


___ can stand for tradition, express community sentiment, w/ political goals, used to call attention to social goals, and commemorate and made to last

70,000 ,30,000

Around _____ years ago, some of teh worlds first artists occupied Bomblos Cave in what is now South Africa. In Europe, evidence of art goes back to about _____ years


in ______ societies we have come to rely on critics, judges, and experts to tell us what is art

religious sculpture is not always art

The example of the Kalabari wooden sculpture that serves as "house" for spirits makes teh point that


______is the study of teh musics of teh world and of music as an aspect of culture


_____unites music and anthropology

arts and leisure

today a huge ____ and ____ industry links western and non western art forms in an international network with both aesthetic and commericial dimesions

fine, folk

growing acceptance of the anthropological definition of culture has helped broaden the study of the humanites from ____ art to _____ art and nonwestern arts, and the creative expression of popular culture


____ art of the people, music and lore of ordinary people

expressive culture

the term____ _____ is synonymous with the arts


____refers to an intense emotional release


refers to anything that can be read


any ______ born message can be analyzed in terms of its nature, inclyding symbolism and its effects


people use ______ the validate beliefs, indulge fantasies, seek out messages, make social comparisons, relieve frustrations, chart social courses, and resis unequal power relations


In brazil _____challenges conservative local norms.


in _____ parents selected media messages that supported and reinforced their own opinions and life choices. Allowed parents to see what others were doing

length of home TV exposure

a useful measure of teh impact of television on values, attitudes and beliefs

the effect of brazilian television on family planning

this seems to be expressive of a TV influencing a shift from traditional toward more liberal social attitudes


___often portrays a homogenized upper middle class lifestyle in which social diversity is minimized

social cement

media provides a _____ _____ a basis for sharing as famillies or friends watch favorite programs or attend such events as games and performances together


The common info and knowledge that people get through exposure to the same media illustrate _______ in the anthropological sense

TV, contraception

___ was influencing brazilians to limit family size, family planning opportunities (________) are greater in Brazil now than they used to be

sports media

______ and the _____both reflect and influence culture


_____ symbolizes and simplifies certain key aspects of American life and values (hard work and teamwork)

cultural values, social forces, media

_____ _______, ______ ______, and the ______ influence international sports success

symbolizes certain key aspects of american life

why is football so popular?


_______focus on winning but also moral victories personal bests and comeback athletes. Success comes through acheivment


______focus too exclusively on winning. If you lose the whole country loses. Success comes through status. Identity rests on being

vectorize, monumentalize, testify, legitimize, dramatize

The 5 ritualistic functions are

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