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  1. Fascism
  2. Battle of the Bulge
  3. Appeasement
  4. Doolittle's Raid
  5. V-J Day
  1. a December, 1944-January, 1945 - After recapturing France, the Allied advance became stalled along the German border. In the winter of 1944, Germany staged a massive counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg which pushed a 30 mile "bulge" into the Allied lines. The Allies stopped the German advance and threw them back across the Rhine with heavy losses.
  2. b "Victory over Japan day" is the celebration of the Surrender of Japan, September 2, 1945
  3. c bombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities; following the attack on Pearl. Raised American morale
  4. d Satisfying the demands of dissatisfied powers in an effort to maintain peace and stability.
  5. e Stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of the individuals.

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  1. United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union (Big 3)
  2. a limited portion or allowance of food or goods; limitation of use
  3. No American could legally sail on a belligerent ship, or sell or transport munitions to a belligerent nation, or make loans to a belligerent. This displayed that America was not willing to go to war and desired to remain neutral and isolationist.
  4. name of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb
  5. totalitarian dictator of the Soviet Union

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  1. Omar Bradley"Victory over Japan day" is the celebration of the Surrender of Japan, September 2, 1945


  2. Nonaggression PactApprove by Congress in March 1941; The act allowed America to sell, lend or lease arms or other supplies to nations considered "vital to the defense of the United States."


  3. Internmentthe name for the forced relocation and confinement of Japanese-Americans to concentration camps


  4. Battle of Stalingrada 1942-1943 battle of World War II, in which German forces were defeated in their attempt to capture the city of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union thanks to harsh winter -turning point of war in Eastern Europe


  5. Third ReichThe Third German Empire, established by Adolf Hitler in 1933.