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A group consists of 3 or more people who interact and are interdependent in the sense that their needs and goals cause them to influence...

Positive aspects

1) Groups fulfill our need to belong(beaumeister and leary)
2) Groups help us and our world(dearly)
3) The composition of the group can enhance performance(the sum is greater than the parts)

Negative aspects

Being in a group can cause deindividualization
Rusing Franklin St
Revisit: Prison Experi
No accountability

Process loss vs. process gain

Process loss-any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving

Group Polarization

Tendency for groups to make more extreme decisions compared to individuals intial inclinations

Social facilitation

The tendency for people to do better on simple tasks and worse on complex tasks when
- They are in the presence of others, and
- Their individual performance can be evaluated.

Situational factors of social facilitation

Social loafing

The tendency for people to do worse on simple tasks but better on complex tasks, specifically when...
Individual performance cannot be evaluated
Why? -Inability of not being identified--leads to relaxation, not arousal.

Situational factors of social loafing


Mode of thinking wherein cincurrecnce seeking overrides realistic alternative
Situational factors of groupthink
How to avoid group think
Imaprtial leaders
Get outside info
Divide into subgroup
Secret Ballots

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