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If the patient is experiencing constant ringing in the ears, he has

decongestant drugs

Which drugs constrict blood vessels and decrease swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses due to colds and allergies?


Kate was unhappy about her protruding ear so she elected to have an otoplasty performed on her:


The suffix "-acusis" means:


Which is an oral infection caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans?

acoustic neuroma

A benign tumor of the auditory nerve is a/an:

otitis media.

Glue ear, a thick accumulation of secretions, is associated with:


The inner ear consists off all of these structures except:


A surgical procedure that uses plastic surgery to correct deformities of the external ear is called:


Air is warmed and moisturized in the nasal cavity by which structure?


Which is the fleshy tissue in the back of the oral cavity that hangs from the soft palate?

herpes simplex virus type 1.

The cause of cold sores is:


Removal of areas of lymphoid tissue from the pharynx is


occurs when a person loses the sense of smell


Hearing loss associated with old age is known as:


Anacusis is:


The combining form cheil/o- means:


A radical neck dissection for cancer would include partial removal of the:

cervical lymphadenopathy

Which of the following is not a benign tumor of some portion of the ENT system?


The lower eyelid turns outward with


Which is the medical word that includes the retina?

occipital lobe

Which portion of the brain creates three-dimensional images from sensory impulses from the optic nerve?


When the pupils are unequal in size, it is known as ____________.


The combining form scot/o- in the medical word scotoma means:

It bends or refracts light rays entering the eyes

All of the following are true about the sclera "except" which sentence?

tonometry or air puff test

Which test is used to diagnose glaucoma?

do not have melanocytes in their irises.

Babies who inherit blue/blue or blue/green genes for eye color


A red, painful swelling or pimple containing pus located near the edge of the eyelid and also known as a stye is called a

pertaining to the round opening at the center of the iris

The combining form, pupil/o- means


What is the medical word for the lateral deviation of the eye known as wall-eyed?

scleral icterus.

Yellow coloration of the conjunctivae which makes the sclerae also appear yellow is called:


Acute contagious bacterial conjunctivitis with mucus discharge is commonly known as:


When premature babies are given high levels of oxygen, it can cause problems with the ____________.


The border between the transparent edge of the cornea and the white of the fibrous sclera is the:


With a hyphema, there is ____________ in the anterior chamber.


A drooping of the upper eyelid is known as ____________.

elevated structure.

The combining form "papill/o-" means:


When the pupils are unequal in size, it is known as ____________.

dilate the pupils

Mydriatic eye drops are given to a patient before an eye examination in order to:


The medical word for nearsightedness is:

hyposecretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH)

Diabetes insipidus is caused by

act to stimulate other glands

The hormones released from some glands

oppose or work against

The combining form "antagon/o-" means:

disease from a specific cause

The suffix -ism means:


A transsphenoidal hypophysectomy is a surgical procedure to remove an adenoma from the:

urine dipstick

Which is a urine test that measures glucose, ketones, and other substances in the urine?


The combining form "andr/o-" means:

thyroid gland

TSH stimulates the ____________.


The form that sugar takes when it is stored in the liver and the skeletal muscles is called:


Which endocrine gland is known as the master gland of the body?

hypersecretion of cortisol in the adrenal cortex

Cushing's syndrome is due to:

posterior pituitary gland

Which gland is also called the neurohypophysis?


Diabetic patients who need insulin inject it


This is both an endocrine gland and part of the digestive system

type 1

Which type of diabetes begins in childhood or adolescence?

posterior pituitary gland

The pituitary gland has two main parts, the adenohypophysis and the:

thyroid gland

A lobectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the:


Inflammation or infection of the uterine tube is known as ____________.

placenta previa

A cesarean section would be performed for:


The first period of menstruation at the onset of puberty is known as:


A mother who has had one cesarean section may be able to have this when she has her second baby.


The combining forms "nat/o-" and "par/o-" mean:


A medical procedure in which a hook is inserted into the cervix to catch and rupture the amniotic sac is called a/an:

reproductive system and the integumentary system

The breasts are part of the female


Which test involves looking at the cervix with a magnifying, lighted scope?


Which is a drug that is used to induce labor?


An unnatural craving for and compulsive eating of nonfood items during pregnancy is known as ____________.

tubal ligation

The name of the medical procedure known to laypersons as "getting your tubes tied" is the surgical procedure of ____________.

increased blood pressure, fluid retention, protein in the urine

When a pregnant woman develops preeclampsia, she shows:

second stage

Crowning occurs in which stage of labor?

reproductive system and the endocrine system

The ovaries function as part of the female


In a fertilized ovum, the outer layer of cells or chorion develops into the:


A/An ____________ mammoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that uses prostheses to increase the size of small breasts.


All of the following instruments are used during a D&C, EXCEPT:


A woman who has never been pregnant is:

bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

Which procedure removes the uterine tubes and ovaries?


A patient with urinary incontinence receives a thorough examination by her physician. Of the following diagnoses, which one is the most likely cause?


Menopause is also known as

abruptio placenta

Complete or partial separation of the placenta from the uterine wall during labor or delivery is an


flow, discharge




process of reshaping by surgy


process of using an instrument to examine


instrument used to examine

cochlear implant

Surgical proceduer to insert a small, battery-powered implant beneath the skin behind the ear

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