20 terms

Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 11

Brevity (n)
Comport (v)
To conduct or bear oneself, behave; to be in agreement
Concise (adj)
Expressing much in a few words
Demure (adj)
Sober or serious in manner, modest
Depreciation (n)
A lessening in value; a belittling
Deteriorate (v)
To lower in quality or value; to wear away
Divulge (v)
To tell, reveal; to make public
Enlightened (adj)
Free from ignorance and false ideas; possessing sound understanding
Forestall (v)
To prevent by acting first
Garble (v)
To distrot in such a way as to make unintelligible
Proponent (n)
One who puts forward a proposal; one who supports a cause or belief
Quaver (v)
To shake, tremble; to trill
Recoil (v) and (n)
V: to spring back, shrink
N: the act of springing back
Recoup (v)
To make up for, regain
Reek (n) and (v)
N: an unpleasant smell
V: to give off unpleasant smells; to give a strong impression
Relentless (adj)
Unyielding, harsh, without pity
Rivulet (n)
A small stream
Squander (v)
To spend foolishly, waste
Staccato (adj)
Detached or disconnected in sound or style
Statute (n)
A law