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Who is "thou"?

the wind (apostrophe)

With what season is the west wind associated?


What objects does the speaker want to be in order to be lifted by the wind?

leaf, wave, cloud

Why does the speaker wish to become a lyre?

so the wind blowing through his strings can make beautiful sounds

What simile does the speaker use to compare with his words?

ashes and sparks from a fading fire

What is meant in lines 55-56?

feels that his spririt resembles the wind

What is meant in line 65?

magic, prophecy, religion

What happens as a result of the empathy which Shelly fees with his subject?

wants a resist the wind as if it were a temptation

What are the qualities of an ode?

meditative, introspective, complex

What are the general subjects of English Romantic odes?

topics of serious reflection

What is an apostrophe? How is Shelley's ode related to an apostrophe?

poetic device in which the poet addresses someone(thing) not present at the time. because he addresses the wind as if it were there

What is the form of each section of "Ode to the West Wind?

he has the form of a sonnet

What is terza rima?

3 line stanzas with interlocking rhyme

How does each section of "Ode" end?

rhymed couplet

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