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Design History Midterm

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Module: Streamlining and Modernism and Architecture
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-major architectural influence in 20th cen
-returned again and again to the idea of landscape
-he designed a house for his parents in 1912, was created on a slope overlooking the city through a wide window, boursquaise environment is kept inside the house, he designed everything inside including furniture
-1925, he gave a plan to redo central paris, complete transformation of medieval buildings to modern, the vertical city would have glass sky scrapes. he was an instant sensation through this though it was never built it influenced other cities
-early 1950s he built a cabin for him and his wife, wooden sleeping benches, simple seats, an interior meant to be looking towards the sea,
-his pilgrimage church- a building in which may pervious ideas are integrated, shapes from roman graves, from organic shapes, a response to the hill landscape its built on where it plays with color and light,
-he saw himself as a painter and an architect, 1918- the fireplace, his first oil painting, a white cube inspiration from athens (which apprears in his other works) on books over fireplace,
-1932- revision of an african city, paints and observes the people and landscape that are seen in inspirations for the city design
-1946- united nations headquarters co-designer but believed that his ideas were being compromised, he wanted a series of buildings,
-1931 in France on Mediterranean coast, one of the main features is the open porch, "the outdoors in also indoors" it is a response to critics that say that he isnt being sensitive to landscape,
-1945- french gov commissioned him to build a residential building, sleek, light filled,