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  1. Black Tuesday
  2. Nurenburg Laws
  3. Manchukuo
  4. Gulag
  5. Prosperity
  1. a After Japan captured Manchuria they made it their own state and renamed it
  2. b October 29, when investors sold off 16 million shares
  3. c wealth/success
  4. d cretated a seprate legal status for German Jews, eliminated their citizenship and their civil and property rights
  5. e system of labor camps

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  1. Japan and Germany agreed to work together to oppose the spread of communism, they both agreed to aid eachother if they were attacked by the Soviet Union, Italy joined a year after
  2. later battles
  3. arrangement in which a purchaswer borrwos money from a bank or other lenders and agrees to pay it back overtime
  4. led by Mao Ze Dong, to find a safe place for the Chinese
  5. placed heavy taxes on imported goods to encourage American people to buy goods and products in the United States

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  1. New Dealfighting the Great Depression, public work program that gave unemployed people a job, provided money for the government for wealthfare and other relief programs, created new ways and reforms to protect the banks and stock market


  2. Great Depressionwhen the stock market crashed, American economy went down a lot


  3. Manchurian IncidentAfter Japan captured Manchuria they made it their own state and renamed it


  4. Amritsar MassacreJapanese started killing women, children, men, wars early battles


  5. Totalitarismform of government that places the good of the nation above all else including individuals needs and rights