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  1. Anti-Cornintern Pact
  2. Totalitarism
  3. Nazi Party
  4. Great Depression
  5. Long March
  1. a when the stock market crashed, American economy went down a lot
  2. b group of right-wing extremists, Nationilists Socialists Party
  3. c the attempt by a government to control all aspects of life
  4. d Japan and Germany agreed to work together to oppose the spread of communism, they both agreed to aid eachother if they were attacked by the Soviet Union, Italy joined a year after
  5. e led by Mao Ze Dong, to find a safe place for the Chinese

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  1. Japenes military decided to conquer the Manchurian region of northeastern China, a lot of resources
  2. system of labor camps
  3. Nazis encouraged anti-Jew riots across Germany and Austria, the night of broken glass
  4. wealth/success
  5. later battles

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  1. Black TuesdayOctober 29, when investors sold off 16 million shares


  2. New Dealarrangement in which a purchaswer borrwos money from a bank or other lenders and agrees to pay it back overtime


  3. Nanjing MassacreJapanese started killing women, children, men, wars early battles


  4. Anti-Semiticismthe attempt by a government to control all aspects of life


  5. Creditsystem of labor camps