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dare un esame

to take an exam

dare un film

to show a film

dare da mangiare a

to feed someone/something

che tempo fa

how's the weather

fa caldo

it's hot

fa freddo

it's cold

fa fresco

it's cool

fa bel tempo

the weather is nice

fa cattiva tempa

the weather is bad

fare una passeggiata

to take a stroll

fare colazione

to have breakfast

fare una domanda

to ask a question

fare una fotografia

to take a picture

fare la spesa

to buy groceries

fare lo shopping

to go shopping

fare il numero

to dial the number

fare i compiti

to do/complete homework

fare un viaggio

to take a trip

fare una gita

to take a short trip

fare un giro

to go for a ride

fare un regalo

to give a gift

fare il letto

to make the bed

stare attento

to pay attention

stare bene

to be well

stare male

to be not well

stare zitto

to keep quiet

quando andiamo a ballare

when are we going dancing

andare a piedi

to go by foot

andare in treno

to go by train

andare in macchina

to go by car

andare in bicicletta

to go by bike

andare in italia

to go to italy

andare a roma

to go to rome


used with country, state, region


used with city, town

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