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Pauline Newman
Organizer of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union
Describe the education for women
By the 1890s a growing number of women's colleges prepared them for careers such as teachers or nurses.
Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania and the School of Social Work in New York trained women to what?
To lead the new organizations working for social reform.
Muller v. Oregon
Louis D. Brandeis
A woman lawyer who argued that long working hours harmed women and their families
Florence Kelley
A woman who believed that women were hurt by the unfair prices of goods they had to buy to run their homes.
National Consumers League(NCL)
1)This gave special labels to "goods produced under fair, safe, and healthy working conditions" and urged women to buy them and avoid products that did not have these labels.
2) it also back to laws calling for the government to inspect meat packing plants, to make workplaces safer, and to make payments to the unemployed.
Women's Trade Union League (WTUL)
1)Another group that tried to improve conditions for female factory workers.
2) it was one of the few groups in which upper class and working class women served together as leaders.
3) pushed for federal laws that set a minimum wage and an 8 hour workday
4) it also created the first workers' strike fund which could be used to help support families who refused to work in unsafe or unfair conditions
Temperance movement
A movement aimed at stopping alcohol abuse and the problems created by it.
Women's Christian Temperance Union(WCTU)
1)This group led the temperance movement
2) and their work led to the passage of the 18th amendment
Margaret Sanger
1)A nurse who thought that family life in women's health would improve if mothers had fewer children.
2) opened the country's first birth control clinic in 1916
3) put in jail because she was thought as a "public nuisance"
4) she founded the American Birth Control League in 1921
American Birth Control League
A league formed in 1921 that made information available to more women about birth control and family planning.
Ida B. Wells
(p. 223)
A black teacher who helped form the National Association of Colored Women.
The National Association of Colored Women(NACW)
1)This group aimed to help families strive for success and to assist those who were less fortunate.
2)It also set up day care centers to protect and educate black children while their parents went to work.
What steps did women take to win workers' rights?
The right to vote
What was one of the boldest goals of progressive women?
Suffrage. Women argued that this was the only way to make sure that the government would protect children, foster education, and support family life. Jane Addams explained that women needed the vote because political issues reached inside people's homes.
Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton
1) reformers who struggled for the right for women to have a voice in political issues
2) they failed at the federal level
3) by the end of the 1890s women in western states had won the right to vote
Carrie Chapman Catt
1) studied law and worked as one of the country's first female school superintendents
2) she was an excellent speaker and earth women to join the National American Woman Suffrage Association(NAWSA)
3) introduced a "society plan" to recruit wealthy well educated women
Women who helped promote suffrage in their own areas.
National American Woman Suffrage Association
A group founded in 1890 that worked on both the state and national levels to earn women the right to vote.
The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
A group of women that believed the effort to win the vote would take women's attention away from family and volunteer work that benefited society in many ways.
Social activists
Alice Paul
1)Social activists' best known leader who was raised in a Quaker home where she was encouraged to be independent.
2) by 1913 she was organizing women to recruit others across the nation
Maud Younger
This woman was known as the "millionaire waitress" because she organised California's first waitresses' union
Nita Otero-Warren
A Spanish woman who he headed New Mexico State Board of Health
National Woman's Party(NWP)
1)A woman's party which used public protest marches to gain what they wanted.
2) first group to march with picket signs outside the White House
How did the NWP gain women the right to vote?
Because the NWPS actions made less radical groups like the NAWSA look tame by comparison
who led the NAWSA to support the war effort when the United States entered ww1 in 1917?
Carrie Catt and Florence Kelley
The 19th amendment
A law which stated the right to vote "shall not be denied or abrigaded on account of sex"
Which state passed the 19th amendment by one vote?
What happened on November 2nd 1920?
Carrie Catt, Alice Paul, and millions of other American women voted for the first time in a US presidential election.
What tactics did progressive women use to win the right to vote?
Carrie Chapman Catt's "winning plan" stated was what?
PART 1) This was a strategy. Some teams of women lobbied Congress to pass a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. PART 2) Meanwhile other teams used the new referendum process to try to pass state suffrage laws.
Members of the WCTU thought what about alcohol?
Members felt that alcohol often led men to spend their earnings on liquor, neglect their families, and abuse their wives.