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domestic tranquility

order and liberty

general welfare

idea that government should provide safety net of public goods, medicare, medicade
some belive it creates a hadicap ( dependent on government)


founders thought _______ was like justice

liberty constraint

one persons ______ is anothers _______

to from

every liberty ___ do something conflicts with someone elses liberty ____ something

national level

founders decided to keep liberties on the __________ to the essential minimum


you can vote with your


dividing the choices between the states


muliplied at the national level the other is exterminated


is considered the greatest contribution the US made to the philosophy of government


gave alabama the ability to resist civil rights reform


comes from the concept peoples rule


based on the idea of equality of the person before the law


if everyone is equal before the law


does not include equality of the person before the law; is worth more than the majority


founders found that democracy would soon collapse from the accumulation of ____

civic virtue

was useful in fighting the accumulation of debt

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