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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 1-7 questions

How many people lived in the Finch household?
How and when did Scout and Jem's mother die?
Two years after Scout was born from heart attack.
How many houses separated the Finch resident from Radley place?
What was Dill's full name?
Charles Baker Harris
What do we learn about Dill's character?
funny, outgoing
What, briefly, has happened to Arthur "Boo" Radley?
He stays in his house
Who wanted to try and make Boo come out?
What is the viewpoint of the novel?
A story from a six year Old's point of view.
Why is Scout looking forward to school?
Dill left and there was nothing to do.
How does Jem feel about taking Scout to school?
Delighted to show her the room she will be in.
Why is Miss Caroline angry with Scout?
What Calpurnia is teacher her at home.
What does Miss Caroline do to Scout for telling her about Walter Cunningham?
Who is Calpurnia?
The house keeper of the Finch.
Why hasn't Walter passed the first grade?
He only comes first day and skips rest.
What was Burris Ewell's hair?
Why was Burris Ewell at school?
He only goes on the first day.
What did Atticus tell Scout she should do to understand a person?
Put yourself in their shoes.
What was the bargain between Atticus and Scout?
She goes to school and can keep reading at home.
How does Scout feel about the Maycomb County school system?
She did not like it.
What was in the knot-hole of one of the oak trees?
chewing gum
How does the children's play involve the Radley's?
Trying to get him to come out.
What was Scout's first reason for wanting to quit the game?
The day she rolled into the Radley front yard.
What did "footwashing" Baptists tell Miss Maudie?
They can't have communion together.
What did they children want to send Boo Radley? Why?
A letter to ask him to come out so they could talk to him.
How were they going to accomplish this task?
Leaving it on the window.
What do the children decide to do the night before Dill leaves?
Sit by Miss Rachel's fish pool with Dill.
What scares the children away?
Shot in the air.
What happened to Jem's pants? What was the Children's explanation for this?
He took them off under the fence and they were playing strip poker.
What does Jem do in the middle of the night?
He walked toward town.
What had Jen not told Scout about the night he retrieved his pants?
He would have slept way better.
What did they find in the tree after school this time?
Why couldn't the children leave the person a note?
The hole in the tree was cemented up.