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a celtic monastery hit by a viking raid in 793, beginning about 2 centuries of such problems

The cornation gospels

illegedly taken from charlemagnes corpse when his tomb was opened in the year 1,000. charlemagne personally owned it. made to commemorate the title of holy roman emperor

The utrecht psalter

a psalter is a collection of the psalms of the old testament


text used for readings at church services

Sainte Foy

protected by the monks. stolen in the 9th century and moved to conques, france.


seat of a bishop, usually the largest church


building closest to us


cathedral or dome

vezelay, france

the start of one of the 4 major pilgrimage routes to Santiago de compostela, the origins of the 2nd crusade


a lobby. one had to be added to accomodate that growing mobs of pilgrims and crusaders

The abbey church of st. denis

the human remains were largely destroyed in the french revolution


original portal sculpture here was also largely destroyed in the french rev.


lifelike but also highly imaginery portraits of the couple who lived centuries prior in an age without portraiture

links page

only returning part of the relics

bones stolen

by crusaders

Pisa tower opens its doors

for the first time in 12 yrs.

costed to redo pisa

25 million

Durham cathedral

voted britains favorite building

Most hated building

Portsmouth's Tricorn Centre

Reims cathedral

badly damaged in world war 1

Cathedral at Beauvais

tallest cathedral. choir vaults reach 154 ft high

notre dame cathedral

freakish wind storms damaged this cathedral. 11 ferris wheels. roofing was almost torn off.a stained-glass window at the Sainte-Chapelle was shattered.

royal palace at Versailles

worst hit by the winds

Carolus Magnus

Charlemagne AKA

Pepin the Short, frankis king

Charlemagnes father

Bertha Broadfoot

Charlemagnes mother

Holy Roman Emperor

Charlemagne was crowned

what later becomes france and germany

Charlemagne controlled

everyone in western europe except pagan vikings

Charlemagnes rule includes

Nave Arcade

arches that are only decorative. series of arches supported by columns either freestanding or attached to a wall to form a gallery


blind arcade located below the clerestory (in some gothic cathedrals)


stone lunette

quadrant arches

cant see them. half of a reg. arch or one quarter of a circle. hidden from view inside

Autun, France

originally a large city of the roman empire. in the romanesque era, a new cathedral dedicated to lazarus

Master gislebertus

sculpts the main portal

Abbot suger and Lux Nova

multitalented man, an abbot, a statesman, a historian. in charge of the abbey church of st. denis in 1140 when he oversees its remodeling. he documented this remodeling of st. denis in this text

Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim

talented architect and sculptor and theologian, designed fortifications to help repel the vikings who were still a problem. familiar w/the monuments of rome, especially the column of trajan

christus patiens

shows great human suffering

flamboyant gothic

flamelike tracery

rayonnant gothic

as much stained glass as possible. 75% glass, 25% stone


middle post in the doorway


semicircular, in the wall of a building


central area of roman basilica


fenestrated part of a building that rises above the roofs of the other parts

ribbed vaults

diagonal and transverse ribs compose a structural skeleton partially supports masonary

portal sculpture

decoration on entrance of cathedral


courtyard, with covered ambulatory. descends from atrium gardens of roman houses

Charlemagnes architect

Odo of Metz

cloisonne metal work

decorative metal technique employing cloisons

cloisonne enamel

powder becomes glass

flying buttress

arched masonary support serving to bear thrust


heads at same level


bell tower


shows distinct features


no distinct features





the bayeux tapestry

no a tapestry, an embroidery

jamb figures

side post of a doorway


ornamental stonework for holding stained glass in place

lancet window

long, narrow window with a pointed arch


city in germany. charlemagnes palace. 1st volted structure of middle ages

reflected light


transmitted light

thru window

the contemplative life

a life removed from the secular world and dedicated to spiritual meidtation


reclaim holy land from force of islam. 4th crusade wound up in constantinople. organized by pope in rome. cultural and economic benefits


body parts and such


container for relics, often jeweled covered and added onto for centuries


almond shaped body halo


special room in a monastery


2 large towers and window of appearance

christus triumphans

does not show suffering

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