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Great Compromise; date

Representation in Congress

Great Compromise; issue

Virginia Plan

Called for representation by population (favored large states); GC

New Jersey Plan

Called for equal representation (favored small states); GC

Great Compromise; resolution

Two houses of Congress: one based on population, one (Senate) has two senators from each state.

Allowed Constitution to be written and approved.

Great Compromise; significance


Missouri Compromise; date

Should slavery extend into new territories?

Missouri Compromise; issue

Missouri Compromise; resolution

Missouri became a slave state; Maine became a free state; no slavery N. of the 36/30 line.

California; Mexican cessations

Compromise of 1850; issues.

California is free; Utah/New Mexico territory has popular sovereignty; fugitive slave law; slave trade in DC ends; Texas' land claims denied (but US will pay Texas' debt)

Compromise of 1850; resolutions

Missouri Compromise; significance

Postponed debate over spread of slavery for 30 years.

Compromise of 1850; significance

Postponed Civil War for 10 years.

Who won the presidency election of 1876

Compromise of 1877; issue.

Compromise of 1877; significance

Ended radical/congressional reconstruction.

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