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Organic Communication Dis. Exam 1

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Impairment: The inability to move the legs easily at the joints and inability to bear weight on the feet is
an impairment. Without orthotics and surgery to release abnormally contracted muscles, David's level
of impairment may increase as imbalanced muscle contraction over a period of time can cause hip
dislocation and deformed bone growth. No treatment may be currently available to lessen David's

Disability: David's inability to walk is a disability. His level of disability can be improved with physical
therapy and special equipment. For example, if he learns to use a walker, with braces, his level of
disability will improve considerably.

Handicap: David's cerebral palsy is handicapping to the extent that it prevents him from fulfilling a
normal role at home, in preschool, and in the community. His level of handicap has been only very mild in the early years as he has been wellsupported
to be able to play with other children, interact normally
with family members and participate fully in family and community activities. As he gets older, his handicap will increase where certain sports and physical activities are considered "normal" activities for children of the same age. He has little handicap in his preschool classroom, though he needs some
assistance to move about the classroom and from one activity to another outside the classroom.
Appropriate services and equipment can reduce the extent to which cerebral palsy prevents David from
fulfilling a normal role in the home, school and community as he grows.