DNA/ Protein Synthesis

what three things makes up a nucleotide?
sugar, phosphate, base
In DNA structure what does adenine pairs with?
in DNA structure what does cytosine pair with?
What base is not found in RNA?
Thymine, instead U
when DNA replication occurs, the enzyme which separates the two side of the helix is called?
During DNA replication, the enzyme runs along the DNA template and adds new nucleotides is called
what type of bonds are between the nitrogenous bases?
hydrogen bonds
what type of bases are between bases and the DNA backbone?
covalent bonds
what two types of RNA do we talk about?
during protein synthesis what RNA transfers the message from the nucleus to the ribsome?
messenger RNA
a codon is defined as?
3 bases on mRNA which codes for a single amino acid
what type of RNA carries amino acids to the ribosomes during protein synthesis?
transfer RNA
Translation is defined as the process by which?
proteins are synthesized using a mRNA molecule
transcription is defined as the process by which
mRNA is synthesized from a DNA molecule