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definitions, examples, ela 7, 7 TYPES OF PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES
bandwagon (definition)
most people have this or are doing this so you should too(definition)
loaded words (definition)
using words that have strong emotions: examples: peace war patriotism freedom hope(definition)
testimonials (definition)
using an expert or celebrity to sell or support(definition)
name calling (definition)
saying bad things about your competitor(definition)
plain folk (definition)
using ordinary people or trying to sound ordinary to sell something or persuade you to vote or support an idea(definition)
glittering generalities (definition)
employ vague, sweeping statements (often slogans or simple catchphrases) using language associated with values and beliefs deeply held by the audience without providing supporting information or reason. They appeal to such notions as honor, glory, love of country, desire for peace, freedom, and family values.(definition)
transfer (definition)
a technique used to carry over the authority and approval of something we respect and revere to something the propagandist would have us accept. Propagandists often employ symbols (e.g., waving the flag) to stir our emotions and win our approval.(definition)
loaded words (example)
Love is a very special feeling, and people who care deeply should send Fare-Thee-Well greeting cards. Example of _______________.
plain folks (example)
Gem Star Toy Company's challenging game, Vacation Generation, is the board game designed for families just like yours. Example of _______________.
band wagon (example)
Buy two tickets to the annual Father and Daughter Dance, and join the hundreds of fathers who have already brightened their daughters' lives. Example of _______________.
glittering generalities (example)
Family Feelings is the most powerful and moving book ever written about family relationships. Example of _______________.
testimonials (example)
Film star Alan Day says that when it comes to buying birthday gifts for his children, he always chooses books from Ladbroke Publishers catalog of fine publications. Example of _______________.
name calling (example)
People who oppose the funding for a new family recreation center are simply stubborn and narrow minded. Example of _______________.
transfer (example)
Summer Scent Soap will have your family feeling as fresh as a flower-filled meadow on a clear summer evening. Example of _______________.