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Normal View

slides one at a time; best for working with the content of the slides


region of a slide reserved for inserting text or graphics

text placeholder

designed to contain text


predetermined way of organizing the objects on a slide

bulleted list

list of "paragraphs" with a special symbol to the left of each paragraph


design of a set of characters


a font's unit of measurement


changing the line spacing and the font size of the text if you add more text than will fit in the placeholder


picture, shape, design, graph, chart, or diagram


you can add, delete or modify the text inside it


temporary storage area on which text or other objects are stored when you copy/cut them


moving an item higher in the outline


moving an item lower in the outline

Slide Sorter View

displays all slides as thumbnails

Slide Show View

the slide fills the entire screen

Reading View

the slide almost fills the entire screen but, also has a title bar and a status bar


a PowerPoint file that contains a theme, sample text, and graphics on the slides or slide background to guide you as you develop your content

progressive disclosure

animation process in which bulleted items appear one at a time


the appearance of text and objects already visible on the slide changes or text or objects move (animation effect)


text and objects animate as they appear on the slide (animation effect)


text and objects leave the screen before the slide show advances to the next slide (animation effect)

Motion Paths

text and objects follow a path on a slide (animation effect)


text that appears on every slide but, depending on the theme applied, not always at the bottom of the slide

speaker notes

these help the speaker remember what to say when a particular slide appears during presentation

Notes Page View

speaker notes are on the bottom half and the slide is on the top half

contextual spell-check

a word is spelled correctly but used incorrectly


miniature image of a slide

color saturation

intensity of the colors

color tone

the degrees of lightness and darkness


grid or "map" of square colored dots that form a picture; much larger than vector image file sizes


the colored dots; stands for picture elements

vector graphic

drawings composed of straight and curved lines; can be created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW


contain both bitmaps and vectors

clip art

includes electronic illustrations, photographs, and other graphics stored in collections so that you can easily locate and insert them into documents and presentations

animated GIF file

series of bit-mapped images that are displayed one after another so that it looks like the image is moving


words or phrases used to describe the clip art

smart guides

faint blue, dashed lines that appear as you drag an object near a drawn shape to show you when edges or the center of the objects are aligned


visually depicts information or ideas and shows how they are connected


text that appears at the top of every page in a document

broadcast (verb)

send the presentation to a special Microsoft server that is made available for other Internet browsers or anyone with the URL to watch it

aspect ratio

ratio of the object's height and width as you re-size it


shows information in a grid

Slide Master view

shows slides that contain theme elements and styles, as well as everything else that appear on the slides in the presentation; does not provide a header placeholder

SmartArt diagram

large diagram composed of smaller objects, whose attributes and properties can be modified

poster/preview frame

frame that appears when the video is playing


information arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns


area where a row and column intersect in which you add data and labels


visual depiction of data in a spreadsheet


grid of cells that contain numbers and text

active cell

cell which you are currently entering data

gradient fill

type of shading in which one color blends into another or varies from one shade to another

Office theme file

.thmx; can use this to apply a custom theme to an existing PowerPoint presentation

File Tab

click here in order to print a presentation or preview a document (other purposes, too)

process diagram

shows a sequence of steps in an activity

Shift key

hold down this key to draw an equilateral shape


most commonly used file format for short sound clips

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