APUSH Chapter 39: In which Jimmy Carter does some handshake trickery

Part 3 of 3 1952-1980: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter. What we haven't been formally tested on.
Last name of Nixon's National Security Advisor
By this method of training the South Vietnamese to fight its own war, the concept of "Peace with Honor" would be recognized.
After student protests regarding Nixon secretly expanding the war to Cambodia and Laos turned deadly, the 26th Amendment changed the voting age to...
The _______ Papers leaked past occurrences in Vietnam (including the massacre of villagers at My Lai) and revealed a pattern of lies.
The Nixon administration brought renewed relations with this country. In fact, they obtained a permanent seat on the Security Council.
To accomplish détente with the USSR, Nixon and Brezhnev agreed to this first nuclear arms reduction.
Nixon created this agency in a series of acts against pollution and the like. Good thing, too.
High inflation with no economic growth. Nixon reacted by freezing wages and prices.
Silent Majority
Name for the hunking mass of middle class conservatives that Nixon appealed to to ensure victory in the 1972 election.
Spiro Agnew
Nixon's VP who retired before Nixon himself.
Warren Burger
Chief Justice who followed Earl Warren in making liberal decisions.
George McGovern
Lost to Nixon in a landslide in 1972.
Plumbers from CREEP broke into this hotel being used as the Democratic nominee's HQ. Five men were arrested. The trail led back to Nixon, who was found to be involved in at least the cover-up. So anyway, what's that hotel?
Gerald Ford
Who is the only president to not be elected? He pardoned Nixon.
Jimmy Carter
Democrat who beat Ford in 1976.
Camp David Accords
Carter's largest foreign success. Egyptian president Sadat recognized Israel as legit.
This country became officially recognized by the US.
The US supplied fighters against the USSR in this Middle-Eastern country.
Hostages were taken in this country's US embassy from 1979 for the remainder of Carter's presidency.
The level of this reached 13%. Combined with the climbing price of oil, this made the late 1970's a little poopy.
Shortened name for the site of the US's worst nuclear disaster.