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The skill-related components of physical fitness include agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, speed, and strength. A student's natural ability in these areas greatly affects performance in fitness and athletic activities. While heredity plays a major role in each student's level of skill-related components, practice and coaching can improve performance. The following are examples of tests to assess skill related components of fitness.

Agility Tests

Illinois Agility Run

Balance Tests

- Bass Test of Dynamic Balance (lengthwise and crosswise)
- Johnson Modification of the Bass Test of Dynamic Balance
- Modified sideward leap
- Balance beam walk

Coordination Tests

Stick test of Coordination

Power Tests

Vertical jump

Speed Tests

50-yard dash

Muscle Strength Tests

- Dynamometers (hand, back, and leg)
- Cable tensiometer
- 1-RM Test (repetition maximum: bench press, standing press, arm curl, and leg press)
- Bench-squat
- Sit-ups (one sit up holding a weight plate behind the neck)
- Lateral pull-down

Flexibility Tests

- Sit and reach
- Kraus-Webber Floor Touch Test
- Trunk extension
- Forward bend of trunk
- Leighton Flexometer
- Shoulder rotation/flexion
- Goniometer

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