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What test would confirm the presence of a pneumothorax?
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What are the 3 chambers of the chest tube drainage system?Collection, Water Seal, SuctionWhich chamber of the chest tube drainage system is closest to the wall?SuctionTrue or False: Bubbles in the water seal chamber are normal during the drainage of a pleural effusion.FalseWhat are possible causes when you stop seeing fluid accumulation in the collection chamber during the drainage of a pleural effusion?kink in tubing, done draining, suction pressure inadequateWhat is the purpose of the water seal chamber in the chest tube drainage system?Prevent air from reentering the pleural space.What are the names of the linings of the pleural space?Parietal, VisceralWhat is the primary alteration in a flail chest?AtelectasisWhat are two main alterations in a pneumothorax?Excessive air in the pleural space, AtelectasisTrue or false: A normal oncotic pressure moves fluid out of the vessel.FalseWhat is the name of the blood protein, that is responsible for oncotic pressure?AlbuminWhat is a short acting anticholinergic drugAtroventWhat drug is used to stimulate a baby with apnea of prematurity?CaffeineWhat drug is used for patients with CF?Pulmozyme/ Dornase AlfaWhat is the clinical indication for anticholinergic drugs?Maintenance of chronic lung diseaseName the 3 stages of TBPrimary, postprimary, DisseminatedDisseminated TB is when it spreads to other organs. T/FtrueWhat is the most common organism that causes community acquired pneumonia?StreptococcusWhat are necessary to diagnose pneumonia?Chest xray, sputum culture and sensitivity, physical assessment-vitals, breath sounds