Medical Terminology Ch. 5

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Rheumatic heart​ disease, which can cause valve​ damage, is caused by​ a: A.form of arthritis. B.strep infection. C.congenital defect. D.hereditary gene.B.strep infection.After the blood passes through the pulmonary​ valve, where does the blood​ go? the lungs B.into the right ventricle C.into the left atrium the head and the lungsBradycardia is a type​ of: A.arrhythmia. B.murmur. C.heart muscle disorder. D.arterial disorder.A.arrhythmia.When someone has a myocardial​ infarction, what​ happens? A.A blocked coronary artery causes necrosis in the heart muscle. B.Narrowed heart valves do not allow blood to flow easily. C.A blood clot from the heart travels to the lungs. D.The inflamed lining of the heart develops blood clots.A.A blocked coronary artery causes necrosis in the heart muscle.The mediastinum is defined as the location​ where: A.the superior and inferior vena cavae enter the right atrium. B.the middle of the heart is. C.the​ heart, great​ vessels, trachea, and esophagus are. D.the atria and ventricles are separated right from left.C.the​ heart, great​ vessels, trachea, and esophagus are.The popliteal artery carries​ blood: the lungs. the liver. C.behind the knee. D.through the pelvis.C.behind the knee.Which word is defined as​ "disease of the heart​ muscle"? A.cardiac tamponade B.cardiomegaly C.cardiopathy D.cardiomyopathyD.cardiomyopathyThe working layer of the heart that does the pumping is​ the: A.endocardium. B.pericardium. C.myocardium. D.septum.C.myocardium.The resting period of the heart between contractions is​ called: A.cardiac cycle. B.diastole. C.systole. D.apex.B.diastole.The advantage of a test using the Holter monitor is​ that: A.the recording covers a full 24 hours. provides constant monitoring in a coronary care unit. C.the EKG can be completed faster. D.defibrillation can be done by the​ monitor, if needed.A.the recording covers a full 24 hours.