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historically when was whaling important to the new england economy?

18th, 19th, and 20th century

what was the name of the last US whaling ship?


what did the international whaling commission establish in 1986?

moratorium whaling

which countries still engage in commercial whaling?

2.japan-scientific hunting

what group of people hunted whales in the 9th century?


what were the whaling ports in massachusetts?

1. nantucket
2. martha's vineyard
3. dartmouth replaced by new bedford
4. barnstable

where were the other whaling ports in new england?

1. newport
2. providence
3. small ports in connecticut
4. south hampton on long island

regarding whaling what was the function of the general court?

the ownership

who were the Russells?

started a small whaling business in new bedford mass in second half of 17 hundreds

what were some of the uses of whale oil?

1 burning whale oil-lamps (betty lamps)
2. train oil
3. lubricant for machinery
4. manufactures of candles

what was the principal use of whale teeth and bones?


what were some of the uses of whale baleens and bones?

hoopskirts, umbrella ribs, furniture springs

what is ambergris and what is it used for?

substance formed inside intestinal tract of whale-used to break down squid through intestinal tract--main use for fixing essences of perfume

where did foreign immigrants come from to work in new englands whaling industry?

japan, europe, west indies, pacific islands

where did the largest immigration population come from?

azores (island off nw coast of africa)
cape verde (off nw coast of africa)

what other industries were promoted by whaling?

1. shipbuilding
2. sail and cordage

on a whaling ship which crew members had their own cabins?

captain, cook, carpenter, cooper, harpooners

how long could offshore whaling trips last?

3-4 years

besides whale teeth and bones, what other materials were collected and used by whalers to create scrimshaw?

coconuts, seashells, walrus tusks, elephant tusks, tortuous shells

what is the cetacean suborder of the sperm whale?


what is the cetacean suborder of the right whale?



a land-based facility which processed blubber


a small boat used by the pilgrims to harpoon whales

train oil

whale oil used to maintain leather

the cooper

a whaling crew member in charge of assembling and fixing the oil casks and other product casks made of strips of curved wood "staves" and rounded by hoops to grasp them


a small boat (similiar to canoes) carried by whaling ships to hunt whales


a device that could shoot a harpoon


a harpoon with a retractile end


when a small boat is towed by a whale after it has been harpooned (sometimes for hours)


facilities aboard a whaling ship that allowed blubber to be processed (melted on the ship)


pieces of blubber that did not melt that were used as fuel


the most valuable and best quality of oil, from the sperm whale's enormous head

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